This time at home may provide more healing than you even knew you needed.

I'm glad you have this time - for you, for your health, for your family.
#1 Honey (Homepage) on 2011-07-06 15:10
Ali, I have spent literally hours reading your blogs throughout your time with Mercy Ships and beyond. I have laughed and cried and felt like I was right there with you. Your photography is beautiful, and your words... well, I have no words to express how you express yourself. :-) I miss you. Please take care of yourself, and feel better soon!!
Love, Deniece
#2 Deniece Ingram on 2011-07-07 08:26
ditto Deniece - couldn't have said it better!!
I pray for God's healing hand, and count on seeing you in the fall!
#3 Nicky on 2011-07-08 01:16
Ditto #2 Deniece. Ali, you are so gifted. I too am praying for health and healing and I also want to see you in the fall!
#4 Sher Sutherland on 2011-07-09 18:21
Welcome home! Hope you're feeling better. You and HOJ are more than welcome to come over and eat with us if you're ever in Highland Park!
#5 Susan Higgins (Homepage) on 2011-07-11 12:03
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